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First to File, Not First to Invent – That’s The Law

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In the spring of 2013, the United State changed its Patent Law to become more aligned with the Patent Acquisition Laws of the rest of the world.   The United States now has a First to File Law, which replaced the old First to Invent Law.  Under First to File, time is of the essence, and it is the first entity to file a patent application on an invention that is entitled to the grant of a United States Patent, rather than a different entity that may have actually invented the technology earlier.  Thus, inventors who delay in filing their patent application in…

Michael McNeil Secures US Patent for Local Entrepreneur

Posted in Entrepreneurs, Intellectual Property, Patents, and Trademarks

A local inventor and entrepreneur has solved a problem regarding the formation of through passages in concrete walls, such as those that might be utilized in a parking garage to facilitate electrical conduits for lighting and the like.  The invention is a dynamic concrete form that moves with available wall form sets that tend to spread slightly during the concrete forming process.  The invention avoids the costly and unsightly efforts of the past in which a fixed concrete sleeve form allows concrete to flow around the ends and block the formed through passage at opposite ends due to spreading of the concrete…