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Indiana University's Code of Student Conduct establishes standards by which students must conform, on or off campus. An arrest often results in a student finding him or herself accused of violating the Code of Student Ethics. A finding of “responsibility” by Indiana University can result in a wide range of sanctions being imposed on a student, from a reprimand all the way to expulsion.

Ms. Liell is familiar with Indiana University's procedures and can assist any student in navigating this complex procedural field.

Sexual Assault

Recently, Indiana University adopted a new procedure and process for adjudicating students who are accused of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. As a result of a new definition of sexual assault, many innocent young men find themselves facing their accuser in this arena, within Indiana University, and a finding of responsibility often results in expulsion, even when both parties were equally impaired. Ms. Liell is an experienced advocate who is not only familiar with the University process, but is skilled in actually defending the accused.

Personal Misconduct

Indiana University's Code of Student Conduct outlines "a student's responsibilities to the campus community," and expectations regarding behavioral boundaries. Penalties for breaching the Code can range from a warning, to a period of disciplinary probation, to suspension and expulsion. Katharine Liell has decades of experience serving as an advisor to students who face misconduct charges. You do not stand alone.

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