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Welcome to Liell & McNeil Attorneys, PC

Liell & McNeil Attorneys draws on the experience and expertise of
its husband and wife team, Michael McNeil and Katharine Liell.

Attorneys specializing in criminal defense, patent law, intellectual property, & student legal services in Bloomington, Indiana. — Learn More

Law Practice Areas include:

  • Criminal Defense – Alcohol & Drugs, Crimes Against People, Driving Issues, Expungements, Property Crimes, & Sexual Assault.
  • Patent Law – Utility Patents, Design Patents, Patent Searches, Entrepreneurs
  • Intellectual Property – Patent Searches, Provisional Patent Applications, Utility Patent Applications, Design Patent Applications, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Patent Applications, Nationalized PCT Patent Applications, Trademark & Servicemark Registration Applications, Patent & Trademark Litigation, Trademarks, Servicemarks, Trade Secrets, Copyright
  • Student Legal Services – Academic Misconduct, Sexual Assault